About us



MyBostan is a platform for local farmers to sell their products directly to local consumers by eliminating the middleman in supply chain. This supports local farmers to earn sufficient income to sustain themselves and continue their family farming.

MyBostan is the fastest-growing online grocery platform for selected product portfolio in Caucasus region. Founded in 2017, MyBostan was launched by skilled entrepreneurs, using their extensive experience in building international companies to revolutionise the online grocery market in the region. Together with an all-star team based in Baku, Azerbaijan, MyBostan has quickly captured the local market in Azerbaijan and now is on the mission to expand into neighboring markets like Georgia, Turkey and Russia with ambitious growth plans, you can expect to see MyBostan launching in more cities of the region in the near future.

Fresh groceries at your doorstep in the next 24 hours.

MyBostan lets you shop all your favourite products from our selected products portfolio at the tap of a button. Simply add products to your cart, check out, and you will receive your order within the next 24 hours at suitable time of your schedule.