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Hazelnut seedling

Hazelnut seedling

The history of hazelnut cultivation in the Caucasus region goes back to the 4th millennium BC. In the ancient times of Azerbaijan, there were also forest hazelnuts.

Taking into consideration the importance of hazelnut, which brings the most currency in our country, new gardens are laid. Seeds are sown in the fields. In short, the hazelnut farm is being expanded.

Hazelnut is a bush with 7-9 m high, sometimes it grows as a tree.

It can harvest 40-500 kg of products per hectare.

The active fertility period of the hazelnut is about 7-25 years, depending on the climatic conditions of the soil.

For each hazelnut bush, 4 healthy hazelnut seedlings are taken. The distance between cultivated trees should be up to 6 meters. When properly agrotechnical care is provided, the newly planted hazelnut begins to harvest in 5 years.

Hazelnut harvest usually last week of August to the first half of September, depending on the weather conditions, sometimes may continue up to the end.

Benefits of hazelnut

The hazelnut contains 58-71% fat, 14-18% of easily digestible protein, 2-5% of sucrose, vitamins B1 and E, and iron salts.