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Cow cream

Cream and its benefits

Cream is a milk product. It is used for obtaining oil and cooking meals. In order to get cream, the boiling milk was poured into containers (trough etc.) and kept for 15-20 hours. During this period, the fatty part of the milk which named as cream, appears on the surface. Therefore, cream is sometimes called a face. The production of dairy products, including the cream, belongs to the Neolithic period in which clay plates were made.

At the present time, cream is also obtained by industrial methods. According to the standard, cream with 20% fat is called ordinary and with 35% fat is called fatty cream. Cream contains vitamins A, B, E, C, sugars and proteins. 5000 calories are taken from 1 kg of cream.

Cream plays an important role in the culinary and has several applications. It’s used in fruit salads, on milk cocktails, cream ("shanti" cream), as well as decorations for cakes, as an essential ingredient of various kinds of ice-creams.

Cream regulates metabolism, facilitates the digestion process. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and Vitamin D, which eliminates germs that cause gastrointestinal disorders. Also, cream contains calcium and phosphorus, which reinforce microelements, teeth and bones. Calcium plays a major role in the health of the nervous system and eyes.