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Cinnamon and its benefits

The cinnamon consists of peeled and dried peels of young branchs of laurel species’ tropical evergreen cinnamon tree.

The sweet smell and relatively dark flavor of the cinnamon are due to the presence of cinnamic aldehyde, which this aldehyde accounts for 70-98% of the essential oils cinnamon. Additionally, there are 4 to 10% of essential oils of evgenol, α - pinene, kariofilen, fellandren and non - combinations.

The moisture content should not be less than 13.5% (gray, 12.5%), total ash should be 5.8%, essential oil should be not less than 0.5%.

The cinnamon contains 2-3.5% essential oils. The cinnamon's good and sweetest taste ensures that it is widely used in culinary and confectionery industries.

In our national cuisine cinnamon is widely used. Cinnamon tea and infusion of cinnamon are also used by the public.

The cinnamon improves appetite, regulates the peristalsis of the intestines, reduces the formation of the foam and calms the stomach and intestines.

Cinnamon has the effect against bacteria and viruses. Cinnamon is used as a remedy against influenza.


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