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Green tea

About green tea

The knowledge about the benefits of green tea has been increased with researches that done in recent years. Green tea consumption is the main reason for the long life of Japanese. It should not be forgotten that green tea is not a method of treatment, it is a supporting alternative.

  • Green tea makes human life longer and is very beneficial to human health.
  • People who have diet should undoubtedly use it.
  • There are an Anti-hypertensive effect, anti-bacterial effect, antiviral effect, and neuralgia.
  • For diseases such as heart disease, Obesity, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, some of the cancer types are green tea is very beneficial.
  • For those who drink 5 cups or more green tea per day, deaths from all illnesses are 16% lower than for those who drink Green Tea less than 1 cup per day. That is, the risk of death for those who drink 5 cups per day is 16% less.
  • Women who drink 5 cups a day are protected from cardiovascular diseases by 31% compared to other women.


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