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Linden flower

Linden flower

Linden flower tea is the one of the most commonly used medical herbals in the world and has a very interesting structure. Although linden flowers are more like leaves, they are different from the true leaves with their color and appearance. It has a very delicious taste, gives a scent of honey, it is drunk for nerve soothing in the world, but there are also sweaty and softening properties. Drinking one cup of linden flower tea before sleeping gives deepens the dream.

Baths and saunas with the steam of linden flower has a very pleasant fragrance. In the past, churn was made from linden.

Benefits of the linden flower

From the linden flower is brewed the tea. This tea calms the nerves and relaxes. It helps to regulate blood circulation. Eliminates insomnia. Relieves chronic pain in women. Helps in digestion. Diuretic. Helps to spill kidney stones and sands. Eliminates anemia. It removes harmful substances in the body by making it to sweat. It affects against cold and flu well. Softens the chest, opens the bronchi and clears the phlegm. Prevents the disease of rheumatism. It relieves pain of sprain.

Since the linden flower has no harmful effects, it is permitted to drink it a lot until getting sweaty when there is cold. Also, linden lowers the blood pressure and people who use it a lot can add honey. Reduces the elevated temperature and drinking its tea is useful when cough and heartbeat increase.


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