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Arıçı İbrahim baba
"Beekeeping has helped us to meet the needs of our family for years. Some days, I spend almost my entire day on working with bees and I have never gotten tired of doing this work."
Arıçı Kamil baba
"My grandpa was a beekeeper since I was a small kid, and what I've learned from him helps me a lot today to be able to produce high quality bee and to take care of my family." - Uncle Kamil.
İlahə xanım
"All my friends call me "Sweetie", because I always try new recipes and make interesting and healthy jams with new ingredients. Also, that's how I support my family." - Ms. Ilaha
Mr. Rza's family garden
"I was very interested in the health benefits of herbals since my childhood. I've been taking care of my family and the village community through my knowledge in herbals for many years now." - Mr. Rza
Məmməd bəyin ailə ferması
"I grew up in this farm from childhood, and animals are source of our sustenance. We have become a whole with them, like a family. Animals are an important part of our lives." - Farmer Mammad
Yeganə xala ailəsi
"Although the hazelnut season is the most busy time of the year, everyone in the family feels happy from kids to grown ups, because we harvest the fruits and the abundance after months." - Madam. Yegana