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Black currant jam

Black currants and its benefits

Black currant is a berry with a very rich chemical composition. Especially, black currant is rich with vitamin C.Therefore, berry is considered to be very good antioxidants. It slows down aging processes in organism, restores organism, fights with poison, toxin and free radicals that comes from the outer environment. Black currant has a very positive effect on human immune system. This berry is quite good for children, older people, people who are weakened by the disea-se.

Black currants also contain B group vitamins, vitamin K, folic acid and pantothenic acid.

Black currant is rich in iron. This makes it very useful for people suffering from anemia.

In addition, black currant is also rich in potassium.

The potassium frees the organism from unnecessary fluids and salts, and as a result it improves the condition of people with cardiovascular and renal disease.

Black currant is good for the treatment and prophylaxis of atherosclerosis.

Black currant improves appetite, improves exchange processes, lowers sugar levels in the blood.

These berries are low-calorie and therefore can be used successfully during feeding purposes to lose weight.

Black currant has inflammation and rheumatism, antiseptic properties.

Black currant is also good for capillaries and veins - it cleans them and improves elasticity.

The black currant juice during bronchitis is a very good saline and has an inflammatory effect.

Black and red currant has diuretic properties and have a very good therapeutic effect on kidney and urinary bladder diseases.

Black currant jam

Black currant jam is a delicious sweet spread that is full of intense natural flavors and wholesome ingredients.


  • Black currant
  • Sugar
  • Water