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Ginger jam


It's an ancient spice plant with perennial herbs which is from ginger family. It consists of the dried mother root of ginger plant. According to the range of commodities, ginger is divided to white, black and whitewashed sorts.

Today, ginger is used as a spice to improve the taste, fragrance and quality of the dishes in the cuisine of the most people in the world. As a spices, ginger is used in confectionery, bakery, soft drinks, beer production, perfumery industry. Ginger is widely used in culinary and food industry as a type of spice.

In addition, many national products and drinks are made with ginger in Azerbaijan.

The content of ginger is as follows: water - 8-16; nitrogenous substances - 5-8; oil - 2-8; starch - 40-60; pentosanes - 5-7; cellulose - 3-8; essential oils - 1.5-3.5; ash - 3-7. It also contains vitamins B and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Ginger's dark spicy sweet fragrance comes from essential oils,and the burning taste comes from phenolabenic qingeral substance.

Benefits of Ginger

In people's medicine ginger is used to reduce the blood pressure, as soothing, tonicizing, warming means. Ginger is a very effective food during diet.It helps digestion, increases fat burning and the rate of metabolism by 20%, helps to remove toxins from the body. Ginger provides the skin with youthfulness.

Ginger jam

Drinking tea with ginger jam is a guarantee of being away from diseases. It prevents colds, makes you lose weight, has an invaluable benefit for women's organism. Ginger jam has an urine expulsive effect and keeps the stomach, kidney and bladder warm. It is beneficial to sputum.


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