Red currant jam - 1kg

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Red currant jam

Red currants and its benefits

Red currant contains good vitamins and microelements. Red currant contains less vitamin C, but iodine is more.

Black and red currant has diuretic properties and have a very good therapeutic effect on kidney and urinary bladder diseases.

Red currant is an effective anti-inflammatory remedy and light cholagogue.

Because the red currant contains substances that liquefies blood, having the systematic juice is efficient in prophylactics of heart attack and paralysis.

The serotonin found in the red currant has the ability to prevent some types of cancerous tumors!

Red currant contains about 6.7-8.2% sugar, 2.6-3.8% acidity, 20-45 mg% vitamin C, 0.19-0.26% pectin, 0.24-2, 38% protopectin, 0.41% pentosan, 3.88% cellulose, 0.11% vaccine and dyestuff, 0.20-0.91% nitrogen.

Ingredients of red currant jam:

  • Red currant
  • Sugar
  • Water