Almond seedling - 1 pc.

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Almond seedling

Almond tree

Fruits of almond grow in July-August. It produces when it’s 4-5 year olds, lives 130 years or more. It is easy to cultivate this tree, which fructifies in three years, and its income is equal to millions.

Almonds are not very demanding on soil. It also grows on rocks, stony and sandy places, even in light clay. Almond is a drought-resistant plant.

Almond is a light-loving plant. When pruning of tree is not done on time, the density of the stems in the trunk affects the tree's productivity.

It is better to plant the almond tree in the autumn. Depending on the soil of newly planted tree, it is necessary to irrigate regularly.

Do not forget that work alone does not end with tree watering and fertilizing. Each tree requires maintenance. They can become ill, and they also need pruning. Keep in mind all these requirements and your tree will delight you with plenty of products.

Benefits of almonds

Almonds contain 40-60% fat (non-drying), 20-30% protein, 13% carbohydrate, 3.6% cellulose, 2.3% mineral, 15% B1 vitamin. Vitamins A, B, C and E also exist. It's good for the lungs. Also, it fattens human and is good for the brain. It treats intestinal wounds, gastrointestinal disorders and dyspnea. Immature almond strengthens the root of tooth.