Cherry seedling - 1 pc.

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Cherry seedling

Cherry seedling

The Latin name "Cerasus ovum", which belongs to the Rosaceae family and motherland of the cherries is known as North Anatolia and the South Caucasus.

The most effective and important part of the cherry tree is the threads of the fruit.

This tree always expresses the arrival of the summer much better.

The height of the cherry tree can be about 3-2.5 meters.

Flower shoots can last up to -2, 4 degrees. Opened flowers are become frozen in -2 degrees. Cherry can survive up to -40 degrees.

Trees should be pruned at temperatures above 30 C and should not be pruned if the temperature is 6-80C.

Cherry contains 12% sugar (simple sugars), up to 2% organic pickles (apple and lemon), carotene, vitamins C, B1, PP, folic acid (Bc), substances with tanning and pectin.