Grape seedlings - 1 pc.

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Grape seedlings

Grape seedlings

Almost all over the world, the grape is also popular and widely grown in our country. When properly treated and pruned, the plant can grow up to 30 years. 1 year crops are always the best.

Scientific researches and excavations have confirmed that the grape’s homeland is surrounded by the Kura valley, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 1973, press pages, television channels and other media have been published and articles have been published about the second year of grape harvesting, 6-8 tons per hectare, and about 80-100 tonnes in 4-5 years.

In the 4-5th years of grape harvest, a very high product is taken.

For the second year, the grape yields 6-8 tons per hectare, 30-40 tons in 3 years, 60-70 tons in the fourth year, and 80-100 tons in the 5th year.

It is possible to keep grapes up to 6 weeks. However, the grape must be kept separate from other fruits and vegetables, because it gets their smell.