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Mulberry seedling

Mulberry seedling

Many species of mulberry trees are spread, but it is also cultivated from ancient times in many regions of the republic, as valuable plants.

The height of the mulberry tree reaches 20 m. The diameter is close to 1 m and it has thick tree umbrella.

Mulberry grows in June-July or July-August. The growth of the fruit gradually takes 40 days.

Natural resources are less demanded, and they survive during drought. It grows well on light, clay, sandy, and lilac (0.5-1% salty) warm brown grounds.

Mulberry tree fruit is also very good in health protection.

Mulberry leaf contains 0.75% organic acids, 50-60 mg of ascorbic acid, 1.5% -2% sugary substances, 2-3% vaccine substances. In the fruit content 23-24% sugar, 2.5% organic acids, 70-80 mg of ascorbic acid, pectin substances, etc. has been identified.