Pomegranate seedlings - 1 pc.

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Pomegranate seedlings

Pomegranate seedlings

Pomegranate belongs to the punicaceae family. The scientific name of the pomegranate is derived from the combination of two Latin words. "Punica" means red or bright red, and "granatus" means seed.

Pomegranate is a plant that has been cultivated and used since ancient times. Its most precious species was cultivated in the Carthagena province of ancient Greece before our era.

It is a small tree or bush with a height of 1.5-4 (5) m above which the branches are front to front located. Shorter branches often become thorns.

Fruit weight is 350 grams, juice output is 55%, fruit is resistant to explosion, disease and pest. Harvest is 30-35 kilograms per bush, and 120-140 centners per hectare. Each year it gives product.

During the vegetation period, irrigation should be done 7 times.

Benefits of pomegranate

The composition of pomegranate is rich in many minerals, vitamins and microelements for the body's normal activity. It is important to know the main vitamins of pomegranate, which are vitamins B6, B12, P and C. Vitamin C in the content has a strengthening effect on the immune system. Vitamin P strengthens blood vessels. B6 - strengthens the nervous system and B12 improves blood formation.