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Walnut seedling

Walnut tree

Walnut tree is a very efficient and productive tree. In the 19th century, one of our great writers, Ismayil Bey Gutgashenli, who was a naturalist in the development of fruit-growing in our country, told villagers in the Nukha qeza: "Anyone who plants a walnut tree will be given a golden money." Interested Villagers planted a walnut tree. They earned good income by selling a lot of walnuts.

Walnut trees grow rapidly up to 25-40 m long and one tree can cover an area of 300-500 square meters, roots can extend to a depth of 3-5 m. The circumference of the body is 5-6 meters.

Walnut trees have an average of 200 years.

Walnuts want heat (25-350C) for winter and summer to maintain normal growth and development.

Walnut trees are large in size and have a wide surface of leaves. Therefore, it is very important to provide enough water for walnut trees with high water loss during sweating.

If the walnut tree does not have any serious problems with the soil, it is not a very demanding plant for fertilization. However, due to its structure, it may need nitrogen as the most important foodstuff.

Walnut trees form big and large crowns. However, these trees generally do not require excessive pruning.

Benefits of walnut

In general, there are 3.5% water, 15-30% protein, 55-77% fat, 1.5-3% ash and 5-15% carbohydrate (cellulose) in the walnut. In addition, walnuts also contain Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Na, K, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6. There are 7000 calories of energy in 1kg of walnut. It softens the intestines.